There are many different things that you and your child will experience when starting a new school.  Here are a few things that you can expect, to help you prepare for our school:

GOALS:  We strive to give your child the best care while at our facility.  We hope that each family feels welcome, comfortable, and pleased with our school.  Our main concern will always be the children's health, safety, and well being.  We are also interested in seeing your child grow socially, academically, emotionally, and physically.  Our program offers opportunities for each child to develop in these areas.  Each classroom offers many unique challenges for the children at an age and developmental appropriate level.  Our school also acknowledges God in way of our actions to others, mealtime prayers, songs, short stories, and movies.

EMOTIONS: Although not all children are alike, they often transition to new circumstances the same.  And just as with us adults going to new places can be uncomfortable.  It is perfectly normal for your child to be scared, anxious, nervous, uneasy, happy, excited, or unattached to mom & dad when starting a new classroom or school.  They may feel this way the first day, or up through the first month of school.
You can help your child get use to school by doing a few things. Visit our school a few times before their actual start date. Talk to your child about what he will be doing in school and where you will be when he is in school and when you will pick him from school. Be confident that you & spouse are both certain about your child starting school and aware of school personnel, rules and regulations. Any uncertainty from a parent can make a child very nervous about school.
When you drop your child off at school be sure to allow yourself time to get your child settled into class and say good morning to his friends and teacher. Five to ten minutes is more than enough time. Rushed or prolonged mornings can make your child uncomfortable. Never leave your child without saying good bye! Closure is very important for kids.Some children may cry, but believe it or not, children adjust more quickly when parents are gone. When you come to pick your child up from school be sure to give your child time to show off what he’s done at school, finish any activities, gather all his belongs and say his good byes to his friends and Teacher.

POTTY TRAINING: If your child is not able to go to the bathroom without being told, is not wearing underwear/panties, is having accident more than once a week: then we do not consider him potty trained.  If your child is not potty trained, there will be a daily fee added to your account in order to attend preschool.  It is your responsiblity to bring your child to school wearing a clean diaper, provide diapers for the day along with diaper ointment if needed.  Diaper ointment needs to be left in school office with a medical report.  Do not leave diaper ointment in child's reach or backpack.  House of Tykes will provide wipes.  You will need to begin teaching him to use the potty, wipe himself , button and/or snap his pants and proper hand washing after toileting.

APPROPRIATE CLOTHING:  We recommend that your child wears casual clothing to school. When choosing appropriate clothing keep in mind that your child will be doing art projects as well as physical activities, eating meals and using the restroom independently.  If your child is wearing coveralls/overalls,jewelry, sunglasses and hats (except for weather purpose) are discouraged, often times the child takes off such items and they can get lost.  Tennis shoes are the best shoes for your child to wear to school, although closed toed sandals and boots are fine as well.  Please do not allow your child to wear flip- flops, clogs and/or dress shoes.

NAP TIME: The children must have an afternoon rest period. You will be required to purchase a nap-sak which are available in the school office if need be. Your child may bring a snuggle item from home as well. Keep in mind cubby space to store the snuggle item is rather small.

FOOD AND NUTRITION: The House of Tykes will provide two snacks and lunch with the full day schedule and one snack and lunch with the half day schedule.  Each meal is planned and served as a nutritious and well balanced meal.  Breakfast: cold cereal is provided but will only be served between the hours of 7:00 and 7:25 a.m.  If your child has a special diet due to health reasons, personal preference or religious beliefs you will be responsible for returing the special diet form, providing snack or lunch for your child as directed.  You must provide a labeled lunch box with proper storage, all items must be put in a labeled container and be easily accessible.  A copy of the monthly lunch and snack menu may be found in the school office.  Please do not send your child to school with food or drink items unless it is due to health reasons or religious beliefs. Please do not  send any items that contain nuts due to other children allergies.

CHILDREN'S PROGRESS:  We try to keep our parents informed of their child's progress on a continual basis.  However, due to busy schedules, this is sometimes not possible.  If you should have any questions concerning your child's progress, please speak to your child's teacher. The best time to notify your child's Teacher is early mornings, late afternoons & during the hours of 12:30 to 1:30.  We are happy to be of service to you & your family.

VOLUNTEERS: Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer for many different activities. You will be required to provide a TB clearane, be immunized against influenza, pertussis ( whopping cough), and measles. Along with signing the volunteer contract, daily log sheet and health screen.  Also, wear a volunteer badge while volunteering.  Field trips and parties we are always in need of volunteers.

Birthdays:  Birthdays are very special days for children.  Please remind us of your child's birthday a week prior to the big day.  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday at school please plan to bring in enough non-food items for 12 children.  Many of our parents choose to bring in some sort of treat.  We welcome treat bags, party napkins, cups, plates and hats.  Do keep in mind you must not bring in any food items due to children's allergies.  House of Tykes will provide a special snack with 100% juice for each child on your child's special day; per your request.  Inviting friends to your child's home party is a lot of fun and childrenget very excited to be invited to a party.  If you would like to send our party invitations at school, please plan to ve inviting all the classmates or simply contact friend via social media or postal mail services so we avoid others getting their feelings hurt.

FUNDRAISERS:  Fundraisers are a fun way to help the school earn money.  We will have several fund raising activities throughout the year.  Any and all of the fundraisers are optional. Please do not feel obligated in any way to have to participate.  Some fundraisers may spark your interest while others may not.

Should I bring my child to school:  If your child has any of the following symptoms your child may not attend school.  If your child has any of these symptoms while at school you will be called to pick him up immediately.
*Fever  - 100 degrees or higher or has had a fever within 24 hour period
*Vomiting - Anytime within a 24 hour period
*Lice - Any signs of eggs and/or bugs dead or alive
*Runny nose - Uncontrollable and/or colored
* Coughing - Uncontrollable
* Goopy eyes - Pink, swollen and/or goopy
* Fatigue - Acts in unusual manner anytime within a 24 hour period
*Rash - Unsure of what the rash is and/or has not been diagnosed by a doctor.
*Diarrhea - More than one bowel movement that is runny

We do our best to keep our school germ-free, it takes much parent participation.  If your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness, please notify us so that we can notify other families to observe for similar symptoms.  Also, remember to always call in when your child will be absent from school.

ANTIBIOTICS & MEDICATIONS:  Please notify the school office in writing f your child has any special medical needs such as, (but not limited to): asthma, allergies, eye wear,  and childhood diseases.

DISCIPLINE: Our method and steps for discipline
*Redirection & discussion
*1st -thinking time out according to the child's age & discussion
*Positive reinforcement *Redirection & discussion

*2nd Thinking time out according to the child's age & discussion                                                       *Notify the parents by phone following with a discipline report                                                            *Positive reinforcement                                                                                                                   *Redirection & discussion

*3rd Thinking time our according to the child's age & discussion in the school office, a discussion with the director on duty.                                                                                                                                   After the 3rd if the problem is still not corrected the child will be sent home for the day. This policy will be strictly enforced.                                                         

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: There are some actions that will not follow our standard discipline policy.  These actions are considered "zero tolerance," & the child will be sent home for the day immediately.  If a child has been sent home from school more than once a parent conference will need to take place before the child may re-enter school.

Example of "zero tolerance" actions include, (but are not limited to,) the following:                             *Poses a health & safety concern to others or themselves                                                         *Uncontrollable behavior                                                                                                                         *Biting anyone
*Spitting anyone
*Striking a Teacher